First Aid

    It is important that you understand the need for hygiene and about keeping your wounds clean. Make sure that whatever you use to harm with is clean and sterile, in a clean environment and that you properly dress your wounds afterwards to make sure they do not get infected as this can be very painful and unpleasant and can require antibiotics prescribed by a doctor. Speak to an adult about it if you are worried about how you can keep your wounds clean or if you think you may have an infection . If you are worried and don’t want to speak to someone you know, phone the NHS helpline on 0845 4647 or visit their website on

    Some injuries will need admission to an accident and emergency (A&E) department. For example, you may need to call 999 for an ambulance if:
    you or someone else has self-poisoned (taken an overdose of drugs, alcohol or prescription medication, or swallowed a poisonous substance)
    someone is unconscious
    you or someone else is in a lot of pain
    you or someone else is having difficulty breathing
    you or someone else is losing a lot of blood from a cut or wound
    you or someone else is in shock after a serious cut or burn