What do I do now?

  • The fact that you have found Opal is already a positive step forward. Opal can provide you with information, journals for you to have a place to record your feelings and help you identify your triggers, provide you with links to other practical help but most of all show you that you are not alone and you are certainly not the only one.
  • The way to move on from self harm is to have an alternative coping mechanism. You will need to try a few to see what is going to work for you and maybe even have a combination depending on practical circumstances. Some that we recommend are: going for a walk, rubbing ice on your skin or clenched in your fist, writing negative thoughts down and then ripping them up, wearing elastic bands and flicking them against your wrists, screaming, clenching your fists and then slowly release, draw red pen where you usually cut, talk to someone or distracting yourself with another task until the feeling subsides. Try not to be disappointed if these do not work straight away or if one does not work for you at all. What works for one person will not work for someone else. There will be times which they will not work at all but do not dwell on these times and try again for the next time the feelings come. This will take time so be patient. Some of these options may feel silly so if you do not like them try something else – see if there is anything else you can try and let us know if it works for you and we can suggest it to others.
    To help you think of some distraction ideas here are some of ours:
    Music – songs that make you smile.
    Sugarcult “Bouncing off the Walls”, Vampire Weekend “White Sky”, Dodgy “Good Enough, Gnarles Barkley “Crazy”, David Bowie “Modern Love...
    Films – Films that you enjoy or make you laugh?
    Elf, Star Wars, Toy Story, Pretty Woman, Anchorman...
    Activities – Things you like to do or that make you feel less stressed out?
    Running, singing, drawing, swimming, speaking to friends, going for a drive, bike ride, reading, chocolate, watching a film...
    Let us know some of yours!